Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Mickey Mouse Cake

 For the first time I was paid to make a cake for a birthday party. I did a 2 tier Minnie mouse cake.  My moms coworker ordered this cake for her daughter.

I started with 2 10 inch cakes, 2 8 inch cakes and 1 small stainless steel bowl cake.  I used a WASC cake recipe I found online for all the cakes. I used white almond sour cream (WASC) because it is sturdy, it stacks well, and it tastes great. I also had 4.5 lbs of fondant and some buttercream frosting. Because I had such thick cakes I cut each cake in half and used three halves to make each tier.
I then frosted between the layers and stacked the cake and followed that by frosting the whole cake. Next I colored some of the fandant pink and rolled It out.

I carefully placed the rolled fandant over the cake and slowly fit the fandant to the cake.
Then I colored and rolled a strip of fondant for a ribbon and used a tool to add a stitching pattern to the edges.
Next I cut out dots and stuck them on the cake using fondant glue randomly placing them. Then I reapeated the first few steps on the 8 inch cakes  but adding a white ribbon. I rolled out some black fondant  and cut out small circles and big circles and pressed the small circles on the big circles to make the Minnie mouses. I also cut out small pink rectangles and squeezed the middle to make bows.
I equally spaced the Minnie mouses adding bows to each. Then I cut a large rectangle of fondant and angled the corners. Then I folded the fondant over some balled up seran wrap and squished the middle in.
Then I let the bow sit so it can firm up. I took some pink fondant and made small dots and put them on the bow

 For the Minnie mouse hat I started with the bowl cake and buttercreamed it. Then I covered it with black fondant.
I then took two Oreos and covered them in black fondant. I used tooth pics to secure them to the bowl cake. After that I made fondant letters to spell her name. And placed them on the hat cake
Then I stacked all the tiers and attached the bow with fondant glue. I inserted wooden dowels into the bottom tier to stabilize the cake and make sure it didn't collapse.  For a finishing touch I added edible pearls around the Minnie Mouse hat. Everything was going great when this happend.
We were rear ended. Luckily it didn't totally smash the cake but it still got flattened on one side. I could still fix it and everything was ok.
                                                           I hope adley enjoyed it!