Thursday, June 27, 2013

Camping trip

Last weekend I went camping with my dad and step mom. Mosquitos were feasting on us but we
feasted too.

This was a success for our first camping trip but overall it was a fail. 

We were peacefully walking around the road when we saw the most menacing and scary thing out there. 

The pinkey stealing snapping turtle. 

After we met the monster we kept walking back to the camp site. Where we came up with some iffy things 
This is our little creation. It may be little but it's flavor is huge !
We took 1 jar of fruit salsa 1 can of cheese dip and the remains of our chips 
We came up with this idea because we were running low on salsa and cheese dip and we only had the crushed chips and crumbs of the chips. we were Desperate so we mixed them all together and put it over the fire in a can and heated it up. After about 5 minuets of cooking remove from fire. MAKE SURE TO USE EITHER OVEN MITT OR TONGS. We did not do this and we burned ourselves. Now make sure to blow because it is really good and really hot so you'll find yourself trying to eat it but burn the heck out of your mouth. It's cheesy, spicy, sweet and salty.

So I thought I would put glow sticks on and move around because it would look cool. Well this is what happens when you give Lori, my step mom a camera. She forgot to turn the flash off and she got more than the glow sticks. 

This Is what it was supposed to look like. That time the flash was off so it got only the glow sticks. That's better. 

This was our meal pork chops and potatoes over the fire of course. 

   Now for the American tradition s'more. some more what? Mollos... And chocolate and graham cracker. YUM!

Since we forgot a headlamp we had to make one... And this was it. it failed 

      We got up early morning at 10:00 and started making breakfast...Well I did.
      I made omelets! But not the usual way. I first started by cooking the sausage and boiling water. 
  Still making sausage and boiling water. 

    Now to make the omelets we cracked 2 eggs in each Ziplock Bag. 

     Then we added the sausage to the eggs. 

  Then we added cheese, leftover potatoes and pork chops from dinner the night before. And we closed the bags

And we stuck them in the boiling water and let them boil for about 10-15 minutes or until the egg is cooked all the way through. We found that they cook faster if you pull the bags out from time to time and squeeze them a little. Since we did not have regular bread we toasted our buns.

   The omelet  in a bag was found on Pinterest and it actually worked! 
 This is our finished breakfast  after that we packed up and went home with a lot of blood gone from misquitoes. 

                                                  And that was the end